Paintings and Sculptures

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A new Action Continues

A New Action in Studio Weil Click on the images below to enlarge. 92 cm x 73 cm  Acrylic paint on cloth. Series below: 70 cm x 50 cm Acrylic paint on paper. Click to … Read more

Drawings from Movies

Drawings from Movies 2009 – 2015, Mixed media on paper. The Red Shoes (1948), starring ballerina Moira Sheare. Once you put on the red shoes, you can not take them off. Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) … Read more

Torn Apart

In “Torn Apart” I have responded to the conflicts which come to us daily through the media and tear us apart: In Israel, the Gaza conflict, or that of Russia and Ukraine. Living on an … Read more

Forest of Love

Forest of Love series, 200 cm x 250 cm each, Acrylic paint on cloth, 1989-91. Share this


The Taming of the Minotaur. 3 Horn Minotaur 78 x 83 x 38 cm Ah Sweet Minotaur of Life 64 x 80 x 89cm, fibreglass with auto-lacquer Share this