Torn Apart

In “Torn Apart” I have responded to the conflicts which come to us daily through the media and tear us apart: In Israel, the Gaza conflict, or that of Russia and Ukraine. Living on an island I am moved to record the fate of the Migrant Boat People. And an homage to the French killed in recent terror attacks on their streets and in their theaters, all expresses itself in images of people fleeing, disembodiment…and then in strong colors, color in response to the darkness…

Remembering the Paris attacks, Carton and wood frame, 28 x 19 cm collage colored paper acrylic pens.
Torn apart 1, Indian Ashram Paper 66 x 88 cm chalk, acrylic paint pens, carbon.
Torn apart 2, Paper frame, 56 x 72.5 cm, drawing 49 x 50.3 cm, pastel, acrylic pens.
Torn Apart 3, 34x 29 cm, Paper and wood frame, drawing inside 26.5 x 17 cm, acrylic pens, carbon.
Torn Apart 4, Carton and wood frame 40.6 x 30 cm, drawing inside 26 x 20 cm, acrylic pens, pastel.

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