A new Action Continues

A New Action in Studio Weil

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92 cm x 73 cm  Acrylic paint on cloth.

Series below: 70 cm x 50 cm Acrylic paint on paper.
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A New Action

After almost 6 decades of my work;
Being encompassed by my art seems to include all my studies;
explorations, philosophies, exhibitions, promotions and the daily reflections and experiences that create a painting or sculpture.

Many of my visitors have commented about the visit to Studio Weil being memorable as it is the story of my life.

This new work seems to be all that I have envisioned.

My favorite Lascaux acrylic paint is provocative.  The normal paint rollers are my old friends and they have been good to me in bringing about a new rhythm.

After lecturing in Studio Weil for twelve years,and explaining the process of my paintings, I have returned to putting all this into “A New Action”.

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Super Woman

Project construction 2012. Cut from the painting “Goddess of Love” 200 x 250 cm, 1991, acrylic paint on cloth, wood backing on sculpture, resin, painted fiberglass frame.

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